Other Services

includes DMV Registration, Notary Public Services, Long Distance Phone cards, etc,.

Addional Services

On top of our major services like check cashing and payday loan, we also offer other handy services like:

Notary Public
If you have an important, time sensitive document you need to have notarized, or if you have mortgage loan documents you need to have signed and notarized, or if you have any legal documents requiring notarization, be confident with Check Expert’s notary public services. At Check Expert you receive prompt,reliable and professional service.

DMV Registration
We can register/renew your DMV car. Avoid the DMV line and come in to our convenient locations for your car registration.

Fax/Copying Services
You can fax anywhere in the United States. Copying service is there for your convenience as well.

You got the money order but now you need to mail it, right? We sell Stamp/envelop for your convenience.

Long Distance Phone cards
We also sell long distance International phone cards which can also be used to call within the United States. It’s the best way to save money on your phone bill.

Prepaid Cellular airtime
Through our Western Union terminal, you can now buy prepaid phone times.

State Lottery
We are a State of California Authorized Lottery Agent.